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1. I’ve bought some clothes from the IPSCStore but the ordered sizes do not fit me. Can I exchange the sizes? If yes, what is the correct procedure?

In order to exchange the goods You have to send the items that do not fit you back to the IPSCStore using the following post address:

IPSCStore (Eemann Group OÜ)
Laki 5B 
Tallinn 10621
Tel.: +372 5688 4834

The name of the buyer must be clearly indicated and the invoice must be included into the parcel.

A CREDIT VOUCHER for the products will be created right after the goods received. Thereafter using the CREDIT VOUCHER code, You can re-order the items with correct sizes. The new order will be dispatched to You on regular manner.

Shipping fees remain upon Buyer’s duty.

2. I made an order in IPSCStore 3 weeks ago but did not receive it yet. Where is my order? How can I find it?

In case You have not received Your order within 40 days starting from the date of handing it over to the Carrier You may contact us for clearing up the circumstances.

The procedure of investigating looks as follows:
• Buyer informs the IPSCStore that the order did not arrive although 40 days starting from its dispatching has been expired. Use Your order number as subject.

• IPSCStore put an official inquiry to the Estonian Post Office about the goods delivering status. Normally the Post Office responds within 60 business days.

• If the Post Office states that the order is unable to be found, IPSCStore receives the insurance payout at the rate of the lost order.

• Further, according to agreement of the parties IPSCStore either sends the identical order to the Buyer (paid by insurance) or refunds the cost of the lost order with the shipment costs included.

3. How quickly my order will be sent to me?

We ship goods once payment received.

• If You select Credit card Payment – The confirmation of Your payment can be received less than within an hour, so your order will be shipped during 3 business days after full payment receipt.

• If You select payment by bank wire – The payment can be received within 24 hours, so You order will be shipped during 3 business days after full payment receipt.


4. Is it possible to order items that are out of stock? How does it work?

The products of some brands can be purchased from IPSCStore, even if they are out of stock in our warehouse but available in supplier’s stock. If You can add products to Your shopping cart, but in the column AVAILABILITY there is a note "Ships in Х-ХХ business days " - it means that it will be sent to You within the specified delay.

If Your order contains several items, where some of them are in stock and others are out of stock - Your order will be sent to You within the shipping time specified in the “Backordered” item. If there are several “Backordered” items in Your order - the shipping timeof the order will be determined by the longest one.

If You want to receive earlier the products from Your order that are available in stock, without waiting for receipt of the “Backordered” items - it is necessary to write an appropriate comment while You are placing the order or send a note about this by e-mail to Customer Service: click here   (Service: 24h). In the second case please indicate the order’s number.

For example: “Please send all available in stock products from my order earlier. Order nr: ABCDEFGHI”.  In this case, all available goods from Your order will be sent to You using Your chosen delivery option immediately upon receipt of payment. The rest part of the order will be sent later separately using the" AIRMAIL with tracking number" delivery at our expenses.


5. How can I make a reorder?

If you are intending to make a reorder of some of Your previous orders You need to:
1. Enter Your personal account’s page and go to Order History and Details section.


2. Press on the specific order from Your orders history list that You would like to use for reordering.


3 The REORDER button will be enabled for the selected order.
Press on it and You will be forwarded to the Shopping-cart summary page where You can proceed with the order placement in regular way.


6. Which payment methods are accepted by IPSCStore?

We accept payment by credit card (VISA / MasterCard), by debit card (VISA / MasterCard) and direct bank wire transfer services.

Currently we do not support the American Express cards payments and web payment systems (PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney Transfer, Яндекс.Деньги , QIWI, Payza, EasyPay,, etc.)."


7. Is it possible to buy goods without value-added tax for EU residents?

We sell goods without VAT to EU residents who has valid EU VAT number only. The ones who wish to use this ability must provide the valid VAT number into their shipping information while registration before placing an order.


8. Is it possible to buy goods without value-added tax for non-EU residents?

We sell goods without VAT to non-EU residents.


9. Is it possible to send goods outside European Union?

Yes, we send order outside EU except the following items:
• Firearms
• Ammunition
• Ammunition reloading components
• Magazines


10. Is it possible to send goods to Russian Federation?

Yes, it is possible except the following items:
• Firearms
• Gun parts
• Ammunition
• Ammunition reloading components
• Magazines


11. Which delivery methods are available in IPSCStore?

We offer our customers to choose the delivery method per their own preference. There are abilities to receive your order in faster or chipper way.

Goods delivery options:

• Airmail delivery – It is the regular post service that uses all local postal representations. You will pick up your parcel in the nearest post office in Your country: Omniva, Itella, La Poste, Correos, Почта России or another.

• Self-service post offices – Packages dispatching to Your nearest self-service post terminal: Itella SmartPOST, Omniva Parcel Machine (Post 24), DPD Pickup. This service is available in all Baltic states and Finland.

• International express and parcel service providers – The operators that deliver goods worldwide: DHL, UPS.

• Courier service – The parcel will be delivered to you by courier: DPD. The service is available in all EU countries.

• Pick up from store – IPSCStore provides an opportunity to pick up Your orders personally. To use this possibility the order must be ordered and paid via the IPSCStore web-shop  After the readiness confirmation email received You can pick You order up at the IPSCStore physical shop:
   Laki 5B
   Tallinn 10621


12. What will be the delivery time of my order?

Orders delivery time depends on the selected delivery method by Customer. 
Please find the approximate delivery time indicated by courier or postal organizations below:

• Airmail 5-40 days
• OSC Courier 1-3 days
• DPD Europe 3-8 days
• DPD PickUp Estonia - 1-2 days
• DPD PickUp Latvia- 2-3 days
• Smartpost 3-14 ( depends on region )
• Russian Post 10-40 days
• Estonian Post 2-5 days
• UPS Ground – 3-7 business days
UPS Expedited –3-7 business days
• UPS Express Saver – 1-3 business days
• DHL Economy Ground 3-8 days
• DHL Express 1-4 days
• Shop Order 0 days


13. Are there any parcel’s insurance possibilities available?

• All parcels sent by Airmail are insured for a maximum amount of 42.53 euros, shipping costs including.

• Parcels up to 31.5 kg sent by DPD are insured for a maximum amount of 520.00 euros. Parcels with firearms’ accessories and other gun related products are not insured.

• Parcels sent by DPD Pickup are insured for a maximum amount of 265.00 euros. Parcels with firearms’ accessories and other gun related products are not insured.

• All parcels sent by UPS are insured for a maximum amount of 85 euros, shipping costs including.

• DHL insurance is optional and remain on the Customers disposal. All parcels sent by DHL are not insured.

• All parcels sent by the OSC delivery method are insured for the full goods cost with shipping costs including.

• Itella SmartPost is taking responsibility for the damaged or lost parcels of up to 8.33 SDR per 1 kg of parcel weight.
   SDR = 10.50 ~ 8.33 €.
   * SDR- Special Drawing Rights


14. Why don’t I see any delivery methods available?

Please check your cart for the presence of products that are not allowed to be sent by post outside of Estonia, for example weapons, cartridges, magazines.


15. What is the shipping price to my country?

In order to figure out the exact shipping cost to Your country You need to follow the next steps:

  1. Login to the IPSCStore order system
  2. Provide the address information where You wish the products will be send to
  3. Add the needed products to Your shopping cart
  4. Check out your shopping cart and see the available delivery methods and their costs.

16. I’ve ordered a product with free shipping, but I still see the shipping fee in my shopping cart. How does the free shipping work?

  1. If you order a product that has a free shipping bonus - you will receive it without any shipping fee charged.
  2. If you place an order where one of the products has a free shipping bonus but other products have not - you will be charged a shipping fee for delivery of all the products except the product with free shipping bonus. The product with free delivery will be sent to you free of charge along with the entire order and will not increase the cost of delivery despite its weight and volume.

17. May I pay in US dollars or any another currency instead of EURO?

Payment сan be accepted in EURO only.


18. Can I cancel my order?

Yes. In case You wish to cancel Your order after the payment transferred but before dispatching You need to inform us about this intention. Further information about this operation you can find in the Terms & Conditions of Sale section.


19. How can I use my Credit Voucher?

After all the needed products are placed into the shopping cart You need to go to Your shopping cart summary page and enter Your Credit Voucher Code into the Voucher field, press the OK button and proceed all further steps for the complete order placement.

Note, that the Credit Voucher code must be applied before the order confirmation. The Voucher cannot be used for any confirmed order behindhand.
Credit Voucher’s expiration period is 365 days starting from its creation date.


20. How can I contact IPSCStore?

• You can leave Your message to IPSCStore here: Press the link.


21. How fast can I get my money refund?

The money will be returned to the same Client’s bank account from which the payment was transferred.

• In case of Credit Card payment – the money amount will be transferred to your account within 5-10 business days.

• In case of Bank Wire payment – the money amount will be transferred to your account within 5-15 business days.

In this case the Client must send an e-mail (click here   (Service: 24h)) the following information:

- Full name of the Client

- Bank name

- IBAN number

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