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ESP Magazine pouch for GP STRIBOG / CZ EVO 3

Single magazine pouch for Scorpion EVO, HK MP7, FN Five-seveN® Mk2, GP Stribog. Made of polymer, with a spring protecting the magazine. Supplied with fast clip mounting, allowing quick removal from the belt.

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Magazine pouch made of polymer, open type, manufactured by Czech company ESP. Inside it, there is a spring that secures the magazine, keeping it in place, while at the same time enabling its quick pulling out.

The loader fits magazines:
- CZ Scorpion EVO
- GP Stribog (9x19 mm)
- HK MP7
- FN Five-seveN® Mk2

Technical data:
- Material: Plastic
- Color: Black
- Weight: 135 g


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