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GLOCK Luminescent sight Front

Made of Steel for GLOCK Pistols Luminescent Front Sight

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Made of Steel for GLOCK Pistols Luminescent Front Sight.

The  contrast  inserts of  the  GLOCK luminescent rear and  front  sight contain  luminescent PEVAC pigments producing  a  yellow green  luminescence  (525 nm)  for  a longer period after having been sufficiently activated by solar or artificial UV light (250 – 450 nm).

These sights are shock resistant and free of radioactive substances.
The granted minimum lifetime is 12 years.

For use with Luminescent Rear Night Sight.

• Manufacturer: Glock
• Type: Front  Luminescent Night Sight (Steel with Luminescent Inserts)
• Fit: All Glock model handguns
• Finish/Color: Green
• Description: Front Sight
• Installation: Stake-on

GLOCK OEM part number: 7087

• Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.

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