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Dillon 22051 750/650/550 Machine Strong Mount

This mount is for both the RL550 and RL550B, RL550C, as well as the XL650 & XL750.Mount height 8 1/2″

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Increase the stability of your reloading bench with Dillon's new Strong Mounts. These heavy gauge steel Strong Mounts increase the machine's "foot-print" to over 10", spreading the load over the bench instead of stressing the leading edge.

Strong Mounts raise your machine 6" to 8", providing a comfortable work height for people who prefer to stand while reloading.
This mount is for both the RL 550 series presses as well as the XL750 and XL650. Mount height = 8 1/2" This mount includes RL 550 loaded cartridge bin bracket, and is coated with a durable black wrinkle finish.
Fits for: RL 550 / XL 650 / XL 750 STRONG MOUNT

Dillon Precision Code: 22051


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