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Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster

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Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster

Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster. Choose your model. 

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The EVOLUTION of the famous AMADINI Ghost sphere-system, ULTIMATE is the most unique, the safest and the fastest IPSC competition holster in its kind.

The sphere-system further to its internal locker are sure to satisfy the expectations of all shooters the world over, be they more or less expert.

The highlight feature of this retention system is that it can be safely adopted in any action requiring retention ( jumping, running, etc... ) for extremely quick release without fear of losing the weapon and having to face disqualification!

Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster can be used for different models of pistols. You need just change the removable block (it takes not more than one minute).

Ghost Ultimate Block is sold separately.

Right hand and Left hand version for the following models:
• Glock (Gen3, Gen4, Gen5) 17/19/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/31/32/33/34/35/36
• SPHINX 3000
• SigSauer P226/ 226L/ 228/ 229...
• SigSauer P226 with rails/ P226 X5/ P226 X6
• STI GP6/ K100 (Exc. Excalibur)
• 1911
• CZ 75/ CZ 75 SP-01/ CZ 75 TS .40 SW/ CZ DA/SA
• Beretta 92
• Springfield XD / HS2000

Choose your pistol model!

GHOST code: SG-ULT-01,  SG-ULT-02, SG-ULT-64, SG-ULT-65, SG-ULT-46, SG-ULT-47, SG-ULT-07, SG-ULT-08, SG-ULT-68, SG-ULT-69, SG-ULT-54, SG-ULT-55, SG-ULT-05, SG-ULT-06, SG-ULT-28, SG-ULT-29, SG-ULT-15, SG-ULT-16, SG-ULT-44, SG-ULT-45, SG-ULT-48, SG-ULT-49, SG-ULT-50, SG-ULT-51, SG-ULT-38, SG-ULT-39

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