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Eemann Tech Σέτ καλιμπραρισματος επανατατικού ελατηρίου για CZ

The Eemann Tech Recoil Springs Calibration Pack for CZ has been specially designed for CZ 75 B, CZ 85 B, CZ 75 SP-01/ Tactical/ Shadow/ Shadow2/ Tactical Sports/ Tactical Sports2 

 Also this spring fits all CZ 75 pistols with long Recoil Spring Guide rods. 

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The Eemann Tech recoil springs calibration pack is offered to allow the shooter a choice of competition recoil springs to adjust the power of recoil according to individual needs of competitor.

It is recommended to start with the strongest spring and work down until the desired recoil function is obtained.

Made of steel with thermic treatment for the best performance and quality! Every Eemann Tech recoil spring for CZ has own unique colour that allows visual identifying of the power value throughout its whole service life period. All springs painted with polymer heat treated paint which remains flexible throughout the whole period of service. The paint does not ruin or dye handgun from inside.

Each pack contains four competition coloured recoil springs.

Pack contains:
• 9 lbs - BROWN (ET-131179)
• 10 lbs - MAGENTA (ET-131180)
• 11 lbs - GREEN (ET-131181)
• 12 lbs - BLUE (ET-131182)


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