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List of products by manufacturer Doublealpha

  • 5,49 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    3M Grip-Tape laser cut for DAA CZ Grip
    Available for backorder 5,49 €
  • 594,95 € 1In stock
    Micro H-1 - This member of the Micro family of sights is designed and built with the competitive handgunner in mind.
    In stock 594,95 €
  • 15,95 € 1In stock
    Alpha Model - Extra Frame

    In stock Available for backorder Not available
  • 11,50 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    Make your Alpha Rail System even more useful by including this 2 pcs pack of additional Outer Attachment Rail mounting plates. Assemble these onto your various pouches, and leave them assembled and ready for a quick gear change on your Alpha Rail mounted shooting rig.
    Available for backorder 11,50 €
  • 14,99 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    The Alpha Rail System is a pouch mounting option allowing you to quickly click various types of pouches on and off your shooting belt.
    Available for backorder 14,99 €
  • 3,95 € 11In stock
    This is a complete set of Alpha-X Pouch Inlays in the color of your choice. Includes left, right and side inlays. Depending on where you mount the ball joint attachment, one inlay part will not be used.

    In stock Available for backorder Not available
  • 15,00 € 1In stock
    The Alpha-X Extended Ball Joint Rod is a custom-made solution for those shooters who feel the Alpha-X Holster positions the gun a little too close to their body or belt.
    In stock 15,00 €
  • 16,50 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    Customers have been asking – and we are pleased to meet the demand.
    Available for backorder 16,50 €
  • 23,49 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    The Alpha-X holster has fast become the choice of thousands of shooters worldwide. And while most competition shooters choose to use the normal 1.5 Inch wide Velcro shooting belts, as offered by DAA and others, there are some who still prefer the wider belts, as offered by Safariland.
    Available for backorder 23,49 €
  • 5,99 € 6In stock
    The Alpha-X Magazine pouch is designed wide enough to hold most double-Stack magazine, and supplied with 3 sets of spacers to fit a wide variety of those magazines.
    In stock 5,99 €
  • 51,95 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    You can order your Alpha-X pouches without a color inlay, and order the inlays separately. This is particularly handy for our stocking dealers.Please note – we do not recommend using the pouches without inlays installed! The dovetail cuts inside the inlay pockets on the pouch body make for sharp corners which are only covered up when the inlay is used.
    Available for backorder 51,95 €
  • 17,90 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    Some shooters prefer to have a muzzle support on their competition holster. This is an indisputable fact.
    Available for backorder 17,90 €
  • 7,25 € 12In stock
    An extended rod for your Alpha-X/Race Master Muzzle Support Assembly, adding another 1.5” (32mm) to the length currently offered as standard.
    In stock 7,25 €
  • 24,95 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    These base pads will increase the capacity of your magazines by at least 2 rounds, and in most cases by 3.

    In stock Available for backorder Not available
  • 39,95 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    Another great piece of engineering from Arredondo for 3 Gun and rifle shooters.
    Available for backorder 39,95 €
  • 68,95 € 3In stock
    The new AR-15 Magwell that is taking the 3-gun in the USA by storm.
    In stock 68,95 €
  • 29,95 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    This is a must have for C-More Open Division shooters!
    Available for backorder 29,95 €
  • 23,45 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    This little C-More gadget by Arredondo attaches to the normal switch C-More scopes and indicates on/off and intensity.
    Available for backorder 23,45 €
  • 19,90 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    The Arredondo C-More lens cover protects your C-More Sight from rain, dirt, dust and against scratches when the pistol is placed in the bag.
    Available for backorder 19,90 €
  • 11,95 € Ships in 14-45 business days
    Take up less space is your magazine, therebye allowing for an extra round.

    In stock Available for backorder Not available

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