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HELIKON-TEX CPU Combat Patrol Uniform Shirt

CPU (Combat Patrol Uniform) shirt was designed along the lines of Polish Army Model 2010 uniform

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CPU (Combat Patrol Uniform) shirt was designed along the lines of Polish Army Model 2010 uniform. Zipped with main two-way zipper, provides easy access to duty belt gear. Armpit ventilation zippers are accessible even with backpack or load-bearing gear on. CPU has six pockets to carry essential equipment. Fleece-lined stand-up collar keeps the neck of the user protected from the elements and abrasion caused by weapon slings or load-bearing vest. Upper sleeve and chest Velcro panels allow personalization. CPU series is one of our bestsellers.


  • Stand-up collar lined with fleece
  • Main YKK two-way zipper with flap
  • ID Velcro panels on breast and upper sleeve
  • Zippered armpit ventilation slats
  • Two oblique zippered upper sleeve pockets
  • Two oblique breast pockets with velcro flaps and zippers
  • Two lower sleeve pockets with velcro flaps
  • Lightstick slots
  • Chest rank tag
  • Reinforced elbows with internal Low Profile Protective Pads compartments
  • Velcro-adjustable cuffs

Code: BL-CPU

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