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CR Speed PCC Versa Pouch with C-BAX Hanger

CR Speed PCC Versa Pouch with C-BAX Hanger

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47.60 €

CR Speed PCC Versa-Pouch - CBAX Hanger

With PCC gaining popularity we are happy to announce the addition of our dedicated PCC magazine Pouch to the CR Speed product range.

The size and weight of the extended magazines makes them cumbersome in regular pistol pouches. The CR Speed PCC Pouch overcomes ergonomic and retention issues associated with these magazines.

The C-BAX "PCC" Pouch provides Speed, Comfort and excellent Retention for the PCC Competitor.


• Ergonomically Designed for for long Glock PCC mags.
• Provides Speed, Comfort and excellent Retention.
• Specifically for Long Glock magazines.

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