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CR Speed Versa Pouch with C-Bax Hanger

CR Speed Versa Pouch with C-Bax Hanger

43.99 €


All Versa-Pouches are Now Supplied with C-BAX Hangers as Standard* Excludes Double Mag Pouch

Versa-Pouch will accept the following magazines:

  • High Capacity“STI, SV, SPS, Springfield Armory, Para Ordnance, Bul M5, Kimber & Charles Dally Hi Cap etc.”· Most 9mm & 40 S&W Double Stack Mags“Beretta 92 & clones, Tanfoglio, CZ 75 & Clones, HK USP 9mm / 40, pringfield XD S&W, Sig Sauer etc.”· Glock“All Small frame Glock mags. Sub-compact, compact & fullsize 9MM & 40S&W models ”Single Stack 1911 Mags.


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