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Eemann Tech GUARDMAX Waterproof Rifle Case with Wheels 135x35x13.5cm

Eemann tech large waterproof rifle case GUARDMAX. 
Ideal for carrying long rifles and accessories. 

369.95 €

Eemann tech large waterproof rifle case GUARDMAX GUARDMAX Rifle case with wheels is IP67 certified, tough, durable and reliable. 

Ideal for carrying long rifles and accessories. Has two layers of pick'n'pluck foam allows you to make shape of any rifle. With additional foam layer on the bottom of the case and egg-foam on the top guarantees that your rifle will not take any damage. Wheels makes easier to carry the case with you everywhere.

May be used in a variety of applications, ranging from marine, photography, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, special corps and even the manufacturing industry.

This case offers superior protection from the elements, water, dust, and impacts, making them suitable for a wide array of sectors and uses.

• Corrosion proof metal hinges with lid stay features.
• Internal slots for optional panel or mounting backets and rings.
• Jam free latches with easy-opening mechanism.
• Large front handle.
• Manual pressure rekease valve. Ring prevents valve from being completely extracted.
• Sealing o-ring.
• Two man lift side handles.
• Wheels for easy transportation.
• Four locking clips with total of six holes for locks.
• Waterproof removable label for your contact information.

• Internal dimensions: 1350 x 350 x H 135 mm (height of lid 42 mm; height of base: 93 mm)
• External dimensions: 1430 x 415 x H 159 mm

Technical specifications:
• Weight: 10.9 kg
• Volume: 63.70 lt
• Buoyancy: 39.50 kg/max
• Operating temperature: -30 / 90°C (-22 / 194°F)
• Color: Black