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CZ 75/85/85Combat/97 Hammer

Hammer for CZ 75/85/85Combat/97.

Brand: CZ

40.46 € -20%
32.37 €

Hammer for CZ 75/85/85Combat/97.

Hammer width: 6,0mm
Material: Steel
Color: Black

OEM number: 0420-0200-10, 0420-0200-10ND
Catalog number: 16

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Note on Hammer Width:
• Standard CZ 75 slide hammer notch width of 0.28" (7,15 mm) and hammer width of 0.234" (6,0 mm).
• CZ 75 SP01 Shadow, Tactical Sport, CZ 75 Shadow slide hammer notch width of 0.355" (9,0 mm) and hammer width of 0.315" (8,0 mm).

Check your slide notch width before ordering!

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