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Guga Ribas Comfort Logo Shirt

Guga Ribas Comfort Logo Shirt

44.17 € -50%
22.08 €

Comfort and regularity, all comfort line shirts have been thought to be the most comfortable shirts possible, with lightweight materials that dress well. They are great for training, jogging, walks but without losing the elegance needed to go to the mall, theater, movies and etc.


  • Elegant
  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Lifetime Warranty*


P 49cm x 66cm S 19,29” x 25,98”
M 52cm x 69cm M 20,47” x 27,16”
G 55cm x 72cm L 21,65” x 28,35”
GG 58cm x 75cm XL 22,83” x 29,52”
3G 61cm x 76cm XXL 24,01” x 29,9”

Material: 100% cotton
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Black, Grey, White

* The GR Comfort Logo Shirt has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product, so it is important that the customer contact us to analyze eventual cases.

Guga Ribas code: RV0201010, RV0201011, RV0201012, RV0201013, RV0201014, RV0201015,
RV0201016, RV0201017, RV0201018, RV0201019, RV0201020, RV0201021, RV0201022, RV0201023,

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