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Kabuur M2-PR TT/Tula Tokarev

Kabuur M2-PR TT/Tula Tokarev

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M2-PR Holster is a fine quality strong side open leather holster.It is mechanically press fitted for TT/Tula Tokarev.

M2-PR holster has double-fixations to fit belts 40 mm wide: two slots on both sides. Thanks to leather elasticity the M2-PR holster tightly adjoin the body and minimizes the visibility of the gun while carrying.

M2-PR holster is ideal for civilian concealed carry, police and military.
M2-PR holster - Fine gun retention in the holster.

• Strong stitched seams.
• Open muzzle.
• Correct draw angle for exact handgun.
• Full grip clearance.
• Covered trigger.
• Magazine catch cleared.
• Black color.
• Right hand.
• Fits TT/Tula Tokarev

Contact Holsters code: CHM2 PR TT

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