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Sihik LPA TPU84BZ18 CZ 100, CZ75 P07 Duty

Sihik LPA TPU84BZ18 CZ 100, CZ75 P07 Duty

64,95 €

The single adjustable rear sight which easily fits the most popular semiauto pistols without replacement of the factory front sight.

By replacing the factory rear sight with a tpu, adjustable in windage and elevation with hardened click screws, you will convert your semi-auto into a modern firearm ready for target and practical shooting.


• Works with the factory front sight.
• Fits the existing dovetail slot without milling work.
• Machined from solid steel using state-of-the-art CNC milling.
• Tapered dovetail for a better locking in the slide (install from left to right).
• Allen wrench and adjustment screwdriver included in the package.”

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