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Responding to popular demand, we are pleased to now offer this new configuration for our PDR-PRO holster body. The PDR-PRO holster body does not include the Suede lining that the PDR offers, making it more suitable for competition use, where speed and ease of draw are paramount. Attaching this new PDR-PRO body to our PDR Belt Ride hanger, makes this holster a perfect choice for IDPA competitors or for general carry and range use.

The bare Kydex cannot be beaten for speed, quick release and smooth draw. We beefed up the side wall thickness, and went with a 3.3 mm Kydex plate to ensure the holster’s integrity and structure won’t fail, even in the toughest conditions.

Tension adjustment is done by turning a single screw by hand, without the need for any tool or aid. The adjustment ranges from very loose, to almost locked tight with just a few turns of the tension knob.

This Belt-Ride hanger model is compatible with 1.25” 1.5” and 2” belt sizes, and can easily be changed back and forth from one size to the other. The Belt-Ride hanger positions the gun closer to the body, and higher than the off-set hangers do, making it compatible with the demands of IDPA regulations, and more suitable for day to day and open or concealed carry purposes.

Available for right or left handed shooters, in Black only.
Models currently offer for the following firearms:
• Sig 226
• Sig P320 

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