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Eemann Tech püstolipadruni kontrollkaliiber

Eemann Tech püstolipadruni kontrollkaliiber

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Eemann Tech Pistol Chamber Checker allows you to check that ammunition is not too tight or loose to fit in their chamber it is ideal for reloaders or shooters who want to ensure all your ammo is in spec before you shoot that critical match. This tool helps you avoid jams, misfires, feeding problems, and other malfunctions caused by out-of-spec ammo that can cost you precious points or the whole match. Just drop loaded rounds into the chamber checker, if the round is flush with the top of the block it will fit in the guns chamber.

Material: Stailess Steel

• 9x19mm
• .40S&W
• .45Auto

• This is a one-piece, non-adjustable chamber for checking factory and re-loaded ammunition to ensure fit in firearms chambers.

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