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Kirp Dawson Precision Glock püstolitele

Kirp Dawson Precision Glock püstolitele

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At Dawson Precision we know the many factors involved in perfect bullet impact, that's why we make so many different heights and widths sights for your pistol. 

It's a big undertaking to manufacture and stock so many different front sights but the owner of Dawson Precision is a shooter and believes a pistol that is not zeroed properly is useless. 

You spend a lot of money on your shooting gear and ammo to improve your shooting skills, so it makes sense to have your sights set to impact perfectly.

Dawson Black Front Sight: Black (no Fiber), Serrated
Height: .285" (7,3mm); .300" (7,68mm)
Wide: .100" (2,56mm); .115" (2,94mm); .125" (3,2mm)

• Wide Base Provides Added Mounting Strength
• No Glare Serrated Front of Sight
• Tools and Instructions Included
• Many Heights to Zero Your Glock Perfectly
• Many Widths to Tune Your Sight Picture to Your Eyesight

The set includes:
• Dawson Front Sight

• Sight Mounting Tool
• Instructions

Fits Glock: 17/19/20/21/22/23/26/27/29/30/31/34/35/36/37/41

Except Glock 17L or Glock 24

Dawson Precision code: 019-006; 019-007; 019-018; 019-157; 019-012

Dawson Precision Sight Calculator

• Please check sight is correct before fitting! Altered Sights CAN NOT be returned for credit.
• Dawson sights are made of quality carbon steel. Keep sight oiled to prevent rust.
• Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.

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