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AR-15 puhver ADC Buffer A2 Competition

AR-15 puhver ADC Buffer A2 Competition

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Lightweight, aluminum alloy buffer reduces the reciprocating mass of the operating system to reduce the overall recoil impulse felt by the shooter. Helps the competitive shooter keep the sights on the target for precise follow-up shot placement and tight groups.

Designed for competition rifles with full-length receiver extension tubes and lightweight titanium or aluminum alloy bolt carriers, as well as any conventional mil-spec carrier where reduced mass is desired.

Combine with a lightweight carrier to virtually eliminate felt recoil and increase bolt velocity without significantly impairing reliability.

• Material: Aluminum
• Weight: 89g
• Fits: AR-15 chambered in .223/5.56mm
• For competition only
• Not recommended for duty weapons
• Used only with fixed stocks

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