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Race Master/Racer Holster eemaldatav rihmakinnitus

Race Master/Racer Holster eemaldatav rihmakinnitus

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The detachable Belt Hanger system allows you to detach your Race Master or Racer Holster body from your rig with a simple turn of a thumb screw. It enables you to easily and quickly remove the holster body while retaining all of your holster position settings. Not one setting is lost!

No screws or tools are required. The locking thumb screw remains assembled, securely attached to your belt hanger so you cannot lose it. In just a few seconds, your rig becomes much more compact and easy to pack into your range bag, or suitcase for travel to your next big match.

The Detachable Belt Hanger option adds almost no weight and no bulk to your holster. The look and shape of the Belt Hanger is retains and only a couple of mm of material and two small custom parts are added.

The Detachable Belt Hanger is currently available only in Black color and can be used with any Racer Holster or any Race Master holster which has the round vertical pin, as shipped from 2013. It is not compatible with the older flat vertical support arm.

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