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GHOST 360 CLIP D salvehoidja

GHOST 360 CLIP D salvehoidja

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The Ghost 360° magazine pouch kit is supplied with two different cups (for vertical or horizontal carry), so you could choose the best position for you. You also have a complete carry freedom and flexibility, due to the rotating speed clip.

You’ll find in your Ghost 360° mag. pouch kit 2 different types of retention springs (medium and strong), and 2 white plastic screws: mixing them you could get the best suited retention to remove all magazine movements inside the pouch. 

Ghost opening clip with Dervet system

The new Ghost clip allows you to mount or remove your magazine pouch from belt easily pulling up the two levers on the sides of the clip.

Dervet clip has also a rotating system, that gives you the possibility to angle your Ghost 360° mag. pouch  for the most comfortable use.


DETAILS –Ghost 360° magazine pouch – Dervet system

  • Kit with 2 different cups
  • 2 retention springs (medium and strong
  • 2 plastic screws
  • Rotating and opening speed clip (Dervet System)


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