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Eemann Tech „Competition“ kilbiga kaitseriivi vedru püstolile 1911/2011

Eemann Tech „Competition“ kilbiga kaitseriivi vedru püstolile 1911/2011

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  • Note:
  • Palun kontrollige varuosa sobivust enne paigaldamist!
  • Kasutatud või paigaldatud varuosi EI SAA tagastada.
  • Paigaldamiseks soovitame kasutada sertifitseeritud relvameistri teenust.
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Made from High Quality Stainless Steel

For 1911/2011 Pistols

Allow your 1911/2011pistol to be operated with either the right hand or left hand. Recommended for competition shooters.

Total width 48,3mm, if you require to use it in Standard Division you must remove from left or from the right side of safety 3.8mm.

• NOT Drop-in part. Must be fitted and installed by qualified gunsmith ONLY


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