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Talvepüksid DAA IPSC

Talvepüksid DAA IPSC

70,38 €

These pants are designed from the-ground-up specifically for IPSC Shooting in colder weather.

They offer sturdy belt loops, zippered pockets, flexible stretch material for a wide range of motion, a custom magazine pocket, gusseted zippered cuffs and more.

The side and rear pockets close with a quality zipper to ensure they do not interfere with your gun or holster as you move or draw. Extra pockets down the side of the legs provide space for holding equipment sheets, stickers or other necessary items. A custom narrow pocket on the left side is perfect for holding that extra magazine or bottle of Progrip as you walk onto the stage.

As with many extreme performance pants, the DAA IPSC Pants offers gusseted zippered cuffs, which allow adjustment to the leg fit. Hand or machine washable in cold to warm water (30deg).

The perfect pant for your cold weather shooting!