GHOST The One ® Kabuur

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GHOST The One® kabuur

GHOST The One® kabuur

Back due to a lot of requests, the first holster created by Sandro Amadini is back on the market!
With a new design and a new locking system, this holster completes the line of Ghost’s Ultimate IPSC holsters.

GHOST The One ® Holster:

• Locking system is done by a metal sphere in a polymere block. 
• The system provides for optimal security and speed. 
• The completely adjustable barrel support bar offers support for all barrel lengths.
• The belt attachment is the same as on the Super Ghost Ultimate and Stinger.

Right hand and Left hand version for the following models:
• 1911 & clones
• CZ 75/ CZ 75 SP-01/ CZ 75 TS .40 SW/ CZ DA/SA
• SigSauer X5/X6
• Tanfoglio STOCK/ STOCK III
• Glock (Gen3, Gen4, Gen5) 17/19/22/23
• Glock 34/35
• CZ Shadow 2

Choose your pistol model!

GHOST code: SG-ONE-01, SG-ONE-02, SG-ONE-05, SG-ONE-06, SG-ONE-28, SG-ONE-29, SG-ONE-38, SG-ONE-39, SG-ONE-44,  SG-ONE-45, SG-ONE-46, SG-ONE-47, SG-ONE-48, SG-ONE-49, SG-ONE-68, SG-ONE-69

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