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GLOCK sihiku tööriist

GLOCK sihiku tööriist

Brand: Glock

167,69 €

The GLOCK rear sight mounting tool allows the safe, simple and accurate installation or change of the rear sight. It can be used in the same way for all GLOCK rear sights. Sturdy steel design with large handle for easy installation. Two clamping screws ensure secure hold of slide and rear sight. GLOCK intends this for GLOCK factory sights only.

This tool is a great help to the amateur or professional gunsmith. Compact and lightweight plastic box make it easy to take it everywhere you need.

Compatible with GEN1 till GEN5 glock pistols.

Kit includes:
• Mounting tool
• 4 adaptors for slide widths: 25.5mm/1", 28.5mm/1.12", 21mm/0.83", 22mm/0.87"
• 3 slide rail plates for pistol models: STANDARD, MOS, G42 + G43
• Plastic case
• Installing manual

GLOCK code: 5161

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GLOCK Rear Sight Tool Manual

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