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TONI SYSTEM RM4N Handguard 310 mm for AR15

TONI SYSTEM Handguard 310 mm for AR15.

125,00 €

A free-floating system for maximum accuracy and capable of holding long or short picatinny rails in 16 positions at 22,5° degree intervals around the handguard. By means of the picatinny we are able to mount our patented and original rifle rib that assists in speedind up target acquisition.

Barrel Nut included!

Material: Aluminium

Length: 310 mm

Handguard weight: 255 g

Barrel nut weight:  50 g

• Black
• Silver
• Blue
• Green
• Orange 
• Red
• Sand 

Outside diameter: 50mm

Inside diameter: 46mm

Toni System code: RM4N

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