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Training Snap Caps

Ammo plastic snap caps.
Available in different calibers.

Brand: Megaline

2,43 € -10%
2,19 €

Engineered for a long life of dry fire training and practice applications plus effective release of pressure on your on your firing pin spring which extends the life of your firearm.

Plastic Snap Caps for training purposes:
• Allows the shooter to safely practice trigger pull techniques
• Can be used to test the functioning of extractors and ejectors in short rifle only
• Allows tension to be released from hammer springs when storing guns

• .22LR
• 9x19mm
• .38 Special
• .45Auto
• .45Colt
• .223Rem
• .380Win
• .30-06 Springfield
• .300 Win Mag
• 9,3x74R

• 12ga

Material: Plastic

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