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MEGAline Kit di pulizia per pistola

MEGAline cleaning kit for pistol or revolver. With brass cleaning rods and three kinds of brushes in kit.

Brand: Megaline

8,59 €

MEGAline Cleaning Kit for pistol or revolver - The perfect kit for cleaning of your gun in field conditions thanks to its compact size and light weight.

Size: 11,7cm x 9,5cm x 2,5cm
Weight: 150g.

For Calibers:
• 9x19mm
• .40S&W
• .45Auto

Kit contents:
• Two-piece brass cleaning rod
• Bristle brush
• Brass brush
• Oil storage vial

Color: Blue

MEGAline code: 082/0040; 082/0009; 082/0045 

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