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Щелочная батарейка AA Industrial от Duracell

Duracell Industrial AA batteries are the perfect choice for ultra-demanding devices that require long-lasting power. 


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Duracell Industrial AA batteries from one of the most liked names in batteries, these excellent industrial by Duracell alkaline batteries are build to the highest of standards, with the needs of the professional industrial customers in mind. Duracell batteries working  to 10 times longer than standard alkaline AA cells.

For businesses that use ample numbers of AA batteries every day, Industrial by Duracell is an cost-effective and ecologically sound way to accumulate on dependable, abiding power.

• Weight: 0,26g
• Chemistry: Alkaline
• Voltage: 1.5V
• Uses: Clocks, Keyboards & Mice, Remote controls, Torches, Toys

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