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Кобура EL2 для GLOCK 17

EL2 holster is a best quality strong side open holster.
Two belt slots and back strap.
Excellent gun retention.

Hand molded. 


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EL2 holster is a fine quality strong side open leather holster with Snap.
It is precisely hand molded to fit exact handgun model. 

EL2 holster has triple-fixations to fit belts 40 mm wide: two slots on both sides and one belt strap for best stability and position. Thanks to leather elasticity the EL2 holster tightly adjoins the body and minimizes the visibility of the gun while carrying.

EL2 holster is ideal for civilian concealed carry, police and military.
EL2 holster - Excellent gun retention in the holster.

• Best Swedish cowhide holster leather.
• Waxed and finished.
• Molded sight track.
• Strong stitched seams.
• Highest quality snap ensure strength and security - your gear will not slip or fall out.
• Open muzzle.
• Correct draw angle for exact handgun.
• Full grip clearance.
• Covered trigger.
• Magazine catch cleared.
• Black color.
• Right hand.
• Fits GLOCK 17.

Contact Holsters code: CHEL2 GL17

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