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Внутренний IPSC ремень Amadini GHOST

The inner belt of the Amadini GHOST IPSC belt. Choose your length!


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Since the inner belts of the 2-systems IPSC belts are usually wearing out much faster than the outer ones - here is now a possibility to buy it separately.

If you have several shooting pants and you do not want to pull the inner belt out and thread it into the loops every time - then you have a possibility to buy a spare inner belt for another pair of pants.

Available in different sizes.

Color: Black.

Chart of inner belt sizes and lengths:

 Size  Length of Inner belt
8095 / 37.4
90105 / 41.3
100115 / 45.3
110125 / 49.2
120135 / 53.1
130145 / 57.1
140155 / 61.0
150165 / 65.0


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