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Eemann Tech Magwell for 2011

Eemann Tech 2011 Magwell made from alloy or stainless steel.

Suits for IPSC Standard division.

97,55 €

Eemann Tech 2011 Magwell, for IPSC Standard division fits "IPSC Standard division box".

Material: Alloy Steel / Stainless steel

Weigth: 85g

Caliber: All

Catalog number: 18

All the EEMANN TECH parts for Colt 1911, STI 2011 and their clones are made from high quality carbon, alloyed or stainless steel using technologies and CNC machines of new generation.

Click here to view the complete Eemann Tech 1911/2011 parts catalog.

The magwell can be used with short grips only!

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