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Ares Bullets .45auto  230 gr. RNBB .452 EPRX- 250 pcs.

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Ares Luoti .45auto 230gr. RNBB .452 EPRX- 250 kpl.

Ares Luoti .45auto  230 gr. RNBB .452 EPRX- 250 kpl. 

Brand: Ares

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How to keep the barrel clean without cleaning? Use ARES machine casted (since 1997) colour (since 2005) bullets (approx. 92% lead, 6% antimony, 2% tin).


Ares Bullets .45auto  230 gr. RNBB .452 EPRX- 250 pcs/box

Caliber: .45auto

Bullet weight: 230 grain

EPRX - Ares casted colour bullets with unpainted base (similar to FMJ), max velocity approx 460m/s

CEPRX - Ares casted colour full painted bullets (similar to TMJ), max velocity approx 460m/s

CLASSIC - Ares casted waxed bullets, max velocity approx 360m/s

RN - Round Nose
FP - Flat Pointed
WC - WadCutter
SWC - Semi WadCutter
CN - Conical Nose
HP - Hollow Point
FB - Flat Base
BB - Bevel Base
DBB - Double Bevel Base
SBB - Semi Bevel Base
NG - No Groove
SGG - Single Grease Groove

Quantity: 250 pcs/box

Brutto Weight: 4,3 kg

Ares Luoti .45auto 230gr. RNBB .452 EPRX- 250 kpl.

ARES Puškárska Dielňa, a Slovakian bullet-maker, has come up with a new colorized bullet coating for cast lead bullets. This coating provides a surface barrier so that the lead does not contact the rifling in the barrel. In addition, no bullet lube is required and the colored coating reduces friction. “Please take into consideration that ARES Colored Bullets are more quick than copper plated/FMJ bullets. If you used to [shoot] copper plated/FMJ bullets, please start reloading Colored Bullets (CB) with approx. 5% less powder and adjust the final quantity of powder on basis of your own speed measurements. CBs keep the barrel clean. CBs are ready for reloading, i.e. it is not necessary to grease CBs.”

ARES offers a a full line of colored pistol and rifle bullets from .25 caliber up to .58 caliber. Ares even offers colored shotgun slugs.

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