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MP5 SMG LULA™ – Carichino e scaricatore 9mm - LU14B

MP5 SMG 9mm LULA™ loader and unloader for curved metal magazines.
All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader! 

Brand: Maglula

27,76 €

MP5 SMG LULA™ loader and unloader for curved metal 9mm magazines.

Fits curved 15 and 30 round 9mm MP5 SMG, HK94, and SP89 metal magazines.

Avoid use on older straight magazines as loading and unloading will not be as smooth.

• Simple to use in either mode
• Eliminates thumb pain and injury
• Eliminates wear on feed lips
• Prolongs magazine life
• Lightweight and fits in pocket
• Reliable in all weather
• Durable reinforced polymer
• Tested and combat proven

All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader!

OEM Number: LU14B

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