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Kõrvaklapid, mustad 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull's Eye™

Kõrvaklapid, mustad 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull's Eye™

Brand: 3M

32,48 €

The 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull's Eye™ I Ear Muffs has been designed in co-operation with world class sportspeople in order to develop a hearing protector that works for marksmen.

As an example, the lower part of each cup is bevelled to avoid interference between the hearing protector and the rifle butt.

The attenuation of the hearing protector is sufficient to ensure protection in most high noise situations without being too bulky.

• Soft wide cushions helps reduce pressure around the ears and improves comfort and wearability.
• It is critical that protection is worn when exposed to noise and not to distract when shooting
• Easy to replace cushions and inserts helps keep them hygienically clean
• Collapsible headband for easy and protective storage in a pocket or bag

• Soft Sealing Rings
• 2-point attachment
• Special cup design for hunting and shooting
• Constant pressure

• Color‎: Black
• Hearing Protection Style‎: Foldable/Over the head
• Metal Detectable‎: No
• Noise Reduction Rating‎: 27
• Product Series‎: Bull's Eye
• Product Type‎: Ear Muffs

3M Product Number: H515FB-516-SV

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