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Mark 7 

  • 395,00 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    Has this happened to you?Your machine is cooking along, and the clutch kicks-in to stop the machine on a sideways bullet ? - or - Your machine is moving along and a round without a bullet head falls into your supply of completed rounds spilling powder over your new rounds ? - or -A bullet falls off a round (topples) before it is seated ? - or - You...
  • 3 670,56 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    The Mark 7 1050PRO Autodrive stands head-and-shoulders above the competition when it comes to automating your Dillon Precision 1050 press. Never before has there been such an advanced and easy to use automation option for your 1050. If you’re looking for the best in speed, efficiency and performance, look no further!
  • 3 145,00 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    Double-Alpha is proud to be the exclusive European Distributor of this fantastic 1050 Autodrive system.
  • 395,00 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    BulletSense® is the first electronic detection system that can stop your machine before any of the situations above impact your loading process. It also can act as a brass sensor.
  • 2 580,00 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    Mark 7® 650 PRO Autodrive
  • 429,90 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    f you are a Mark 7® customer with an Autodrive - this conversion kit is for you.
  • 3 362,40 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    The Mark 7 Evolution machine was designed from the ground up for automation. And while it stands tall as an incredible manual machine as well, it shines even brighter when automated, utilizing the industry-leading Mark 7 Autodrive systems.
  • 3 295,00 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    The heart and core of the all new Evolution is based on the commercial grade Mark 7 REVOLUTION Machine introduced in 2017. This 10-stage rotary progressive reloading press offers features never before incorporated in such a machine
  • 218,95 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    Sometimes you decap and sometimes you don't (decapping is the process in Station #1 that pushes out the old primer).
  • 39,90 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    Note: This is a wiring kit only.
  • 169,95 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    The PrimerSense® Low Primer sensor takes the guess work out of your loading operation by alerting you when you are low on primers mechanically.
  • 288,95 € Ships in 8-14 business days
    The swaging station adds a chamfer to the inside of the primer pocket to ensure proper primer seating.
  • 48,99 € Ships in 8-14 business days

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