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TONI SYSTEM GCZH HighGrip Long for CZ 75 SP-01

TONI SYSTEM HighGrip Long for CZ 75 SP-01; CZ 75 B; CZ 75 Shadow Line.

88.40 €

TONI SYSTEM HighGrip Long for:
• CZ 75 SP-01
• CZ 75 B
• CZ 75 Shadow Line

Pistol grip width with Toni System HighGrip installed: 28mm

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 47g

• Black
• Silver
• Blue
• Orange 
• Red
• Sand

Black grip tape is included with each set of grips to be applied by the customer. The grips have custom machined pockets into which the tape is applied. The snug precise fit prevents any movement or shifting of the grip-tape.

Toni System code: GCZH

The long grips cannot be used with a magwell.

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