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DAA PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler

DAA PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler

262.95 €

The Double-Alpha PRIMEVIBE Primer Tube Filler is an innovative solution for quickly and accurately filling primer tubes. This vibratory bowl is engineered to handle both large and small primers, ensuring compatibility with all brands. Its key features include a Custom Controller Unit for adjusting vibration frequency, a toolless Safety Shield, and a silent operation mode. The device includes a power supply, primer tubes with magnetic collars, a conversion kit for different primer sizes, and is crafted for optimal efficiency and low noise levels.


  • Compatible with Large and Small primers from any brand.
  • Custom Controller Unit allows vibration frequency adjustment.
  • Includes silent operation mode for minimal disturbance.
  • Features toolless quick removal of Safety Shield.
  • Comes with fully assembled unit, power supply, two primer tubes, and conversion kit parts.
  • Precision CNC-machined aluminum exit hole for reliable feeding.
  • Dimensions optimized for fewer primer handling errors.

DAA Code: 103961

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