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Eemann Tech Extended Firing Pin for Tanfoglio - Large Frame

Enhance your Tanfoglio large frame pistol with the Eemann Tech Extended Firing Pin, designed for improved reliability and performance.

34.16 €

The Eemann Tech Extended Firing Pin is expertly engineered for Tanfoglio large frame pistols, aiming to significantly improve the firearm's reliability, especially with light trigger pulls. This premium product effectively addresses misfire issues related to weak main springs or hard primers, ensuring a higher reliability rate for competitive shooters. It is compatible with all Tanfoglio pistols, featuring a robust, heavier design and a reengineered hammer impact surface. Moreover, it's IPSC Production Legal, making it an excellent choice for competitive shooters seeking to enhance their performance.

Specifications Specifications:

  • Brand: Tanfoglio
  • Size: Large Frame
  • Total Length: 67.2mm
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Tanfoglio Large Frame pistols
  • Material: Steel, with thermic treatment for optimum performance and quality
  • Designed to rectify misfire issues due to weak main springs or hard primers
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