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RC-TECH Small Range Backpack

RC-TECH Small Range Backpack

Brand: RC-tech

64.56 €

This smaller range backpack is the perfect companion for a PCC match or other events where you dont feel like hauling all your gear. Streamline but still able to hold quite a bit of gear. Also great for any sports or travel activity.


• Paded carry handle and shoulder straps
• Big main compartment (approx. dim.: 25 x 45 x 15cm)
• 2 side pockets for watter bottle, folding umbrella or other 
• 2 small front pockets for documents and other small accessories
• 2 bottom straps for: Blet, small 3 legged stool, sniper mat 
• Upper carabiner for carrying belt or patches and other
• 4 inner webb pockets in the main compartment make it easy to organise your gear
• Elastic pouches for 5 magazines
• 2 attachments for carabiners on left and right side
• Velcro pannel for patches and ID tags etc.

Code: RC-97170

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