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REAL AVID AVMAPS Accu-Punch® Master Set

REAL AVID AVMAPS Accu-Punch® Master Set

143.75 €

REAL AVID AVMAPS Accu-Punch® Master Set

This comprehensive 37-piece gunsmithing pin punch set includes a pin alignment tool and is expertly designed to offer enhanced functionality for firearms maintenance and repair. Crafted for precision, the set features a selection of hardened steel, nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant punches for solid and hollow pins, soft brass punches for delicate tasks, specialized AR15 bolt catch punches, and auxiliary tools for a complete gunsmithing solution. All items are organized in a durable, easy-access case to keep your gunsmithing bench neat and efficient.


  • 37-piece set tailored for gunsmithing
  • Includes hardened steel, nickel-plated punches
  • Soft brass punches for sensitive tasks
  • Specialized punches for AR15 maintenance
  • Pin Alignment Tool for easy handling of small pins
  • Organized in a durable, double-access case


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Rubber o-ring for secure grip
  • Durable, easy-access case

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