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Maglula H&K G36 BenchLoader™ - BL74B

The H&K G36 BenchLoader™ Loads only H&K G36 -  30rd 5.56 translucent magazines. 

Brand: Maglula

540.22 €

The H&K G36 BenchLoader™ loaders are heavy duty CNC machined industrial 5.56 / .223 cal magazine loaders made to load a magazine in a single hand stroke. They are intended for daily loading of hundreds of magazines at shooting ranges and armories. They totally eliminate any fingers' pain and injury, shorten loading time, and keep the magazines lips intact.

• The H&K G36 BenchLoader™ (BL74B)
• Cordura® Padded Carry Case (BL80B)

• Loads from 1 to 30 loose rounds in a single stroke.
• 25 seconds loading 30 rd magazines.
• Absolutely painless operation!
• Keeps the magazine lips intact.
• Allows inspection for defects and cleaning of rounds prior to loading.
• Rugged construction.
• Comprising only 3 parts.
• Safe on fingers and magazine.
• Filling of rounds is done with both hands, therefore quicker loading.
• Needs no dexterity or training to use.
• Needs virtually no maintenance or cleaning.
• Easy to operate with gloves in freezing weather.
• CNC machined out of a tough polymer
• Chemicals resistant.

Maglula product number: BL74B

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