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ADC Competition réglable Emprunt de gaz .750 pour AR-15

ADC Competition Gas Block for AR-15. 
Version: Low profile .750 Adjustable.

85,35 €

ADC competition gas block for AR-15 is low-profile gas block for barrels with standard diameter of .750 “, featuring Clamp-on locking system with high resistance torx screws. It can be used with handguards with a minimum internal diameter of 35mm. Typically designed for sporting activity it has been lightened by side windows.

The peculiarity of our gas block is the presence of double screw, one that allows adjustment of the gas from the outside and another to block the calibration.

The gas block includes the “gas tube roll pin”.

It is made of high quality steel and subjected to heat treatments in order to make the non-stick surface to corrosion and gunpowder residues.

Weight: 54g
Material: Steel
Version: Low profile .750 Adjustable
Color: Black

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