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Eemann Tech Competition Firing Pin Spring for Phoenix

Eemann Tech Competition Firing Pin Light Spring for Phoenix Drake or REDBACK ( -15% from OEM factory power)

9,95 €

The Eemann Tech Competition Firing Pin Spring for Phoenix pistols is designed as a replacement for the original factory firing pin spring, aiming to enhance performance and address issues related to hard primers. Notably, it's marked with a distinctive red color for easy identification.

Key Features:

High-Quality Steel Construction: The spring is crafted from high-grade steel, ensuring durability and reliability in various shooting conditions.

Thermic Treatment: The steel undergoes a thermic treatment process, which enhances its performance, longevity, and overall quality. This treatment likely involves heat treatment techniques to optimize the material properties for its intended function.

Compatibility: The spring is specifically designed for use with Phoenix pistols, including models such as the Phoenix Drake and REDBACK. This ensures a precise fit and reliable operation with compatible firearms.

Overall, the Eemann Tech Competition Firing Pin Spring offers shooters an aftermarket solution to improve the reliability and performance of their Phoenix pistols, particularly in scenarios where hard primers may be a concern.

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