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Eemann Tech Standard Talon de chargeur pour CZ Shadow 2

Eemann Tech Standard Base Pad allows to use your CZ75 / CZ75 SP-01 Shadow / CZ Shadow 2 in IPSC Standard Division.

27,95 €

Eemann Tech IPSC Standard Base Pad is specially designed for CZ Shadow 2 to fit the pistol with magazine inserted into Standard Box. Also the Pad is suitable for CZ75 and  CZ75 SP-01 Shadow pistols in IPSC Standard Division.

It works perfect with MEC-GAR CZ Shadow, CZ Nickeled 17 rounds and CZ 75/85 16 rounds magazines.

The Eemann Tech Base Pad will also fit with magwell installed.
The Base Pad locks by inner hex nut.

Material: Aluminum
Color: Black

• 18 Rounds - with MEC-GAR CZ Shadow magazine
• 18 Rounds - with CZ Nickeled 9x19mm / .40S&W magazine
• 18 Rounds - with CZ Nickeled 9x19mm magazine
• 17 Rounds - with CZ 75/85 magazine

*NOTE: Using some another aftermarket slim follower will allow to fit 19 reloadable rounds.

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