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Porte Chargeur simple civil GHOST pour carabine AR15 / AK47

GHOST Rifle Civilian Pouch.
Available for AR15 or AK47.

32,48 €

GHOST Rifle Civilian Pouch made of ABS is very high impact resistant with Interchangeable fixed belt loop and paddle module.
The design sets the pouch very close and tight to the body thus making this the ideal carry option for concealed carry - police, military as well as sport (IDPA, IPSC and ACTION SHOOTING).

Retention by 4 screws on the side holds the magazine firmly inside the pouch.

• Pouch
• Fixed belt loop
• Paddle module

Available for:
• AR15/M4
• AK47

• Black

• ABS Polymer

GHOST code: GI03-MG15, GI03-MG47

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