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Block for Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster

Block for Ghost Ultimate ® Holster. Choose your model.

Block for Super Ghost Ultimate ® Holster allows you to use your holster for different models of pistols. Now it is no need to buy a new holster if you bought a new pistol for yourself. It is enough to purchase a block for the required model of pistol and re-use the holster you already have. The new block will prevent you from exchanging your old holster for a new one. You just take off the old block; set the new one and you holster is already suitable for your new pistol.

Produced for right-handed and left-handed versions.

Choose your pistol model.

Additional info:
- GLOCK Block suitable  for Glock (Gen3, Gen4, Gen5)  17-36 (excl. Glock 21).
- Tanfoglio Block suitable for Stock II, Stock III, Stock Limited.
- STI GP6/K100 BLOCK not working with EXCALIBUR models.


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